Carbon 14 Controversy

On October 13, 1988 the results from the carbon-14 (C-14) test on the Shroud of Turin were announced by Cardinal Anastasio Ballestrero of Turin. The A.D. 1260-1390 dates suggested a medieval origin for the cloth and resulted in a considerable stir. Many people, including scientists and researchers feel that there were inconsistencies in the method used and are recommending that another test be done.

Note: Pope John Paul II recognized the Shroud as L'Icona. (La Stampa: October 13, 1988)

The investigators today are still looking into its mystery. Among them are art historians, pathologists, Biblical scholars, linguists, chemists, textile experts, physicists, photographic specialists, archaeologists, numismatists, image analysts, authors and writers from every part of the world.